Inclusion Panel

The 2019 Hate Is Wrong Inclusion Panel sponsored by the Minnesota Vikings happened January 29th.  Check back for a highlight film soon.

The Inclusion Panel will address a discussion of LGBT involvement in sports generally, but primarily of such involvement in the NFL.  The discussion will help shed away any unfounded biases people have and tackle the issue objectively and fairly. In line with this, we want to cover a broad array of related topics and perspectives. This includes having panelists from within NFL management, from private ancillary businesses (like Adidas, etc), professional athletes, coaches, team owners, and similar people tied to the sporting, and NFL, franchise. Panelists will cover everything from personal experiences in the industry, religious and personal beliefs, the business side of the issue (i.e., effects on revenue, fan base, etc), anticipated future developments from their respective role, etc.

Hate Is Wrong Inclusion Panel 2019


  • Scott Pioli – Assistant GM Atlanta Falcons
  • Zion Armstrong – President Adidas North America
  • Peter King – National Sportswriter Of The Year
  • Karin Nelson – Vice President, Legal & Social Impact Minnesota Vikings
  • Greg Louganis – Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Katie Sowers – Assistant Coach San Francisco 49ers
  • Esera Tuaolo – 9 Year NFL Veteran

Our host for the panel is Cyd Zeigler (Owner of Outsports) @CydZeigler

Hate Is Wrong hopes that by having a wide range of panelists and allowing them to bring their unique perspectives (i.e., from inside the NFL management, from coaching, from playing the sport, from running an ancillary business, etc), the stereotypes and biases around both the LGBT and NFL communities will start to shed away. People will see how much gay players have already contributed to sports and that they’re not really much different than straight athletes. And at the same time people will see that tackling LGBT issues within sports is not as easy or black and white, and how many factors go into some of the decisions people have made, are making right now, and will consider making in the future in order to make improvements.  We hope you join us for the amazing discussion of with some the best people in sports to discuss the subject.

The amazing discussion takes place at the National Center For Civil & Human Rights
100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW,
Atlanta, GA 30313
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Please note: Guns, knives, lighters, and mace are NOT allowed in The Center. Off-duty armed forces officers are NOT allowed to carry weapons on the premises.

Make sure to join us after the Inclusion Panel for Adidas Presents Esera Tuaolo’s 2nd Annual Inclusion Party